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Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and You Regular physical activity is fun and healthy, and increasingly more people are starting to become more active every day. Being more active
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Hey what's going on guys this is Jayden from money Petey calm and I was searching on the internet for personal trainer waiver forms and I realized it was a lot of free ones that would would be easy to modify so what I did is I created kind of threw my own based off a few I found around the internet I kind of just took out the previous branding and made it really easy just kind of meat into a template where all you have to do is insert your company name and your name and then you're good to go so obviously liability is a huge thing nowadays especially when your personal trainer because you need to be looking out for the well-being and safety of your clients and if they get injured and you haven't gone them to sign a waiver form then the responsibility can come back on you and litigation can happen and you don't want to go down that route so basically guys if you just click the link in the video description below it'll take you to this article you can see right here on my blog money Petey calm and basically I kind of just break down the importance of waiver forms and why you should get your clients to sign one if you haven't already which I would hope you would because that's one of the things you learn as you're getting your personal training certificate and again it just gives you three I want giving you three templates I've created originally in pages for Mac but I've explored them to a doc file if you guys do want the pages file I mean you can let me know in the comment section below and I can upload that to my website as well but for now I just package them together kind of an eye in document files I learn that as you can see there's download link just kind of the bottom of the postage click that it's going to go straight to your downloads folder and then you guys will have 3 premium personal training template personal training waiver form templates sorry I definitely hope these templates are used to you I know they have held me big time when I was grinding it out being a personal trainer nowadays my life is a lot more laid back don't enjoyable and actually get paid for doing the things I love heck I'm running this blog post actually in my underwear right now making a comfy six figures a year you're probably wondering how the hell I'm doing that and it all comes down to my blog money calm and the way I have it structured in kind of certain systems I'm doing to generate this kind of income but uh I don't want to keep this a secret I'd love to show you guys also how to make six figures from a blog pretty much it involves about 23 hours of work daily and one once you can't go through initial initial phase and get gets it up like I'll show you guys um if you click the link in the video description below that takes you to a video where I can explain to you what I'm doing once you get past the initial phase of slinging everything up it's really easy and you pretty much just do pre defined tasks for a few hours a day that I'm going to tell you to do...
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